7 Lucky Tips That Will Jump Start Your Writing Career

Looking to make a start in a new writing career? Associated Content is a great place to begin! Here is a lucky set of seven tips to get you going today.

1. Write, write, and write. Less than six months ago, I began contributing regular articles to the site. Just getting in the habit of writing on a daily basis jump-started my writing habit, and I was off.

2. Learn from criticism. The great thing about Associated Content is the Content Editors themselves. They are friendly and helpful. Editors provided me with critical and thoughtful ideas to spruce up my writing. They spoke to me with kind and humorous words, never treating me like a dispensable contributor. This approach allowed me to really listen to their comments and learn from them.

3. Branch out. After renewing my writing habit, I began seeking more fruitful employment. Hey, let's face it - AC contributors know we don't get paid in gold. However, you do get immediate publication and a possible high profile on popular search engines. That's a pretty good trade-off.

Fortunately, I found a steadier gig that pays a little more than a Latte for my writing. Two months ago, I secured a freelance job with a topnotch entertainment company. I am now the "Mom" on Game Pro's new website: Gamepro Family. The position allows me the practice of writing on a regular basis, with assured publication to a dependable audience, and the esteemed opportunity to develop relationships with experienced editors.

4. Write what you know. When I first started putting together articles for AC, I wrote about issues that were important to me. For the past 20 years, I have served as a teacher. For the past 13 years, I have served as a mom. So, most of my articles centered on parenting and teaching tips. These pieces caught the attention of my future contractors who liked my background.

For Gamepro Family, I write a blog, reviews and features about video games. It's all from the parents' viewpoint, focusing on the impact of sex, violence and language in the games. I believe I bring a unique and experienced perspective to the site. But, I sincerely believe it is my summer's habit of writing reviews about the local gym, family vacations and asthma that gave me the confidence and edge to get the job.

5. Seek advice. Editors and regular contributors are constantly offering tips for improving your "keyword density" and high placement on search engines, like Google. Go to the discussion forums at AC and other similar sites to gather fresh ideas from the trenches.

You might even join a writers group or union where you can share ideas with like-minded people.

6. Know your audience. If you have an idea, say tips on keeping your pet healthy, visit sites targeted at pet owners. Read through some of their content and take in the writing style. If the articles seem perky, informal yet authoritative, try to bring that out in your own writing.

7. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe you once dreamed of being a writer, but now find yourself inputting data for the local realtor's office. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks? (Sub-tip #7: try to avoid two clichés in one tip!). Keep your day job, but pick up that dream where you left off.

More than 20 years ago, I attended a top-notch journalism school dreaming of that romantic reporting job on a Los Angeles daily paper. After several internships and numerous knocks on the doors of grieving gang member's mothers, I decided this was not the career for me. It was writing I truly loved, not reporting. Fortunately, I had double-majored in English Lit. I also had garnered lots of creative writing experience.

So, I graduated, moved to London, purchased a rickety manual typewriter and started writing the next "great American novel". Eighteen months later, I flew home with 350-typed pages of my dream. The stack now sits in a drawer, occasionally pulled out for transfer onto a floppy disc. I know I will publish it, one day. My experience with the AC editors has renewed my drive to finish the book and find a publisher.Read more info of paper writing in Prescott Papers visit this website.

I guess what I'm saying is that Associated Content provided the practice I needed to refuel and hone my writing and the forum to present my ideas. I highly recommend the site to anyone interested in starting a career in journalism or hoping to reignite a lost dream.

Thanks, AC. I definitely could not have done this without you